Business and technology services is one of the world’s most dynamically growing industries and the CEE Region is fast emerging as a key location for this growth. Young graduates are the dynamic force behind this development, from Poland but also from abroad.

Kraków is among the top cities globally, in fact it is the top ranked city in Europe. The city is especially focussed on higher value added and more complex processes, especially where services are provided to many different countries and in many different languages.

There are now as many as 130 global companies operating business and technology services centres in Kraków, employing over 50,000 people. To put this in perspective, it means that 3 in 10 people working in the private sector in Kraków work in the sector. The average age of people working in centres is 29 years old.

Moreover, new companies are arriving and existing centres are growing at 20% per year. This at a time when jobs for young people in other countries in Europe are hard to find.

This year, the sector will create 10,000 new jobs in Kraków, that means 29 new jobs every day.

This rapid rate of expansion means that there are many job opportunities in the global services sector in Kraków and opportunities also for career development within companies and within the sector as a whole.

The majority of companies in the Kraków market are ASPIRE members, so here is a good place to start if you want to check out what jobs are currently available.

Kraków’s success is a story being written by young people. Be one of them.