1. What is the ASPIRE F&A Services (FAS) Leaders Group?

The FAS Leaders Group is a community of FINANCE leaders and professionals drawn from across the ASPIRE network of shared services and outsourcing companies.

The aim of the group is to help companies meet the evolving demands being placed upon Finance as a function globally and assist them in meeting common challenges and taking their Kraków based service offer to the next level.


2. Who can be a member of the FAS Leaders Group?

Any person working for an ASPIRE member company who is nominated by the head of their Finance Function or Centre Head.

Members may nominate more than one person to the group.

To nominate someone to the group, please contact the ASPIRE Team at:


3. How does the group function?

The FAS Group is a free, self-directed team. The FAS Team at Amer Sports will act as Champion of the Group, which will also supported by the ASPIRE Team.

The Group determines its own agenda and activities based on the preferences of participants.

Additional support will include ASPIRE Connect, a dedicated online tool for ASPIRE Leaders Groups, which includes a Group Directory, Events Calendar and Resource Library.


4. What do Group meetings look like?

The Group will focus on two priorities: 1) optimisation of existing services 2) meeting the new challenges for FAS such as: the development of new tools, the evolving profile of Finance professionals and the challenge of robotics.

The work of the group will be aimed at enabling participants to elaborate ideas and strategies and where relevant Road Maps to take their FAS organisations to the next level.

Methods used will be sharing of common experiences, benchmarking and task forces working on specific items. The group will also explore and analyse upcoming opportunities in the FAS space.


5. How often and where do they take place?

Frequency of meetings is to be determined by the Group but it is assumed that monthly meeting would be held on the second last week of every month to avoid month end financial close constrains. Through such regular meetings the Group aims to establish a network that participants can reach out to for ongoing support outside of the the cyclical meeting structure of the Group.


Examples of topics for meetings include the following.

  • Process Driven Organisations a pre-requisite for RPA
  • Capacity Management and financial close periods
  • Financial compliance and Fraud
  • Financial and business analytics to drive business strategies
  • Remoulding Finance professionals into business partners


Introduction to Finance F&A Services
Title: Introduction to Finance F&A Services

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