Robotics Expert Group: FAQ


1. What is the ASPIRE Robotics Expert Group?

The Robotics Group is a community of professionals engaged in automation initiatives within their companies, working for companies in the ASPIRE network.

The aim of the group is to support shared learning, best practice, continuous improvements and innovation across the ASPIRE membership in the area of data protection.


2. Who can be a member of the Robotics Expert Group?

Any person working for an ASPIRE member company who is nominated by their company.

Members may nominate more than one person to the group.

To nominate someone to the group, please contact the ASPIRE Team at:


3. How does the group function?

The Robotics Group is a free, self-directed team. The Robotics Process Automation (RPA) Teams at Symphony Ventures and ARC Consulting act as Champions of the Group, which is also supported by the ASPIRE Team.

The Group determines its own agenda and activities.

Support includes ASPIRE Connect, a dedicated online tool for ASPIRE Expert Groups, which includes a Group Directory, Events Calendar and Resource Library.


4. What do Group meetings look like? How often do they take place?

Meetings focus on the key RPA challenges, education, change management, project implementation and maintenance and governance.

Frequency of meetings is determined by the Group. Through regular meetings the Group aims to establish a network that participants can reach out to for ongoing support.

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