Our Vision

Our Vision

ASPIRE’s Mission is to be the No.1 business association for technology and business services companies within CEE, measured by the quality of services we offer, our members’ engagement and our positive impact on the region’s economic and technological progress.

Our purpose is to strengthen the business model for our related industries and assist our members to increase their competitive advantage through the identification of common aspirations, the facilitation of networking and information sharing opportunities, and by enabling relevant and targeted cooperation with key stakeholders in the cities where our members operate.

We aim to achieve this by harnessing the passion, energy and expertise of our members at all levels of their organisations to create a dynamic, evolving, value added, shared knowledge and data resource, which drives learning, innovation and thought leadership and promotes professional, company and industry growth.

Our Scope

ASPIRE provides a wide and innovative portfolio of services to the technology and business services community based on three key principles:

  • Information sharing and analysis
  • Lobbying and representation
  • Reputation building

Members are free to engage, influence, contribute and benefit from all the various initiatives, events, research activities and projects run by the Association.