Our Teams

ASPIRE’s success results from the drive and commitment of our members to continuously strengthen the business model for global services outsourcing.

Key personnel from our member companies help to direct and run ASPIRE in four main groups.

Executive Council

The Executive Council comprises general managers of each of our member companies and meets quarterly to debate the big issues, set policy and establish direction.

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Executive Board

The Executive Board is responsible for the day to day running of the association. The members of the Executive Board are elected by the Executive Council from among its members.

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Task Forces

Objectives, targets and programmes for each of ASPIRE’s priority areas are delegated to dedicated task forces, each under the chairmanship of an Executive Council member.

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Functional Expert Groups

Functional Expert Groups comprise heads of key functions across our members. They meet regularly to discuss common issues and interact with stakeholders. They also provide support to task forces and respond to enquiries. Each Functional Expert Group is also supported by associate members.

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