Benefits to members

1. Information

ASPIRE has a strong focus on industry research that provides value added inputs to members, customers, media and government agencies in understanding trends in the IT & Business Process Services sector.

Data collected includes City Reports aimed at capturing and measuring the SSC/BPO market in Poland, by comparing business data of companies operating in the sector in a given location. Upwards of 40 parameters are compared and presented to all subscribers in the form of a short report.  The survey is conducted on behalf of ASPIRE by Associate Member PricewaterhouseCoopers.

Other areas where data has been or is being collected include skills needs, transport challenges and measuring the value of the sector to the local economy. This data both supports benchmarking between members and helps to address ASPIRE priorities in relation to the local environment.

ASPIRE also circulates information bulletins and Newslines on various issues to and on behalf of its members on a regular basis. These include reports on global developments in the sector, local development initiatives, and activities and opportunities presented by local stakeholders.

2. Advocacy

ASPIRE seeks every opportunity to engage with central, regional and local government on issues of relevance to the sector. This is done through regular government interactions and representations. Members may raise issues with ASPIRE that have industry-wide impact.

ASPIRE focuses on opening channels of communication with local stakeholders and seeking out opportunities for co-operation and processes for delivering change.

ASPIRE also networks members with the wider business community through platforms such as the South Poland Presidents’ Club, which brings together major international investors in the South Poland region. This allows members to partner with the wider investor community in addressing issues common across sectors and to take advantage of the Presidents’ Club convening power.

Another platform open to ASPIRE members is the Business Ambassadors Programme, which works with government to attract new investment into the region.

To provide focused attention to some of the key issues related to the IT & Business Process Services sector, ASPIRE has also created special groups and forums to address these segments exclusively.

One such priority is the Workforce Development Initiative, which is aimed at identifying and narrowing the existing gap in the education focus and the quality of skills developed to catalyze Industry-Academia alliances by instituting specific programmes, workshops and seminars, and for standardizing curricula and pedagogy to produce employable graduates.

3. Personal development opportunities

ASPIRE provides speaking and networking opportunities for members at various events, workshops, seminars and small interest group meetings in Poland and abroad.

Regular member meetings are organized under various forums and initiatives offering opportunities for members to share best practices and formulate new ideas for strengthening their positions.

4. Reputation building

ASPIRE partners with the non-governmental sector to provide opportunities for its members to engage in social investment projects.

Digital Partnership – ASPIRE supports the decomission of IT hardware, making it available to those without digital access and helping to reduce the industry’s carbon footprint.

5. Promotion

ASPIRE newslines carry advertisements, article contributions, news/releases from members to provide latest industry news as well as branding to members and the IT industry in the region.

ASPIRE holds a database of stakeholders to be developed appropriate to members needs and available to members.

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